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I was inside my apartment just 2 months before I met Nicole and Christian Wolf wondering if I would ever find my dream vacation home!!  Well, I went online and found the website because I was looking for a great house in Spain.  This vacation  home needed to have two bedrooms, an indoor pool and a back yard full of orange and mandarin trees.  I was seeking a full vineyard as well on the property but I settled with the first part of my dream!

Nicole was kind and gentle in her methods with our company.  Mr. Wolf, Nicoles Husband, was a  gentleman of the highest accord.  Their knowledge of Marbella Real Estate and the Marbella area is  monumental.  We actually enjoyed the acquiring, purchasing and developing of our home in Marbella
Spain.  Thank You again Marbella Real Estate.  We look forward to working with you in the future and we  are so blessed to have met such a great company.

We bought our home in October 2012 through Marbella Real Estate.
Our agents were very helpful and thoughtful.  John and Susie are the best agents I have met in the Real Estate Industry.  We will continue to use their services when buying or selling investment properties.  We started with a different agency and then switched to Marbella Real Estate.  Realizing our mistake we found that this was the best choice.

Chris Greed / London


We switched and found our home within weeks.  I could reach Tom at any time. Sabina was available it seemed like 24 hours per day.  Communication was clear between all parties and I was excited to meet with them on a daily basis.  Thank you Marbella Real Estate for your help. We would not hesitate to recommend them in the future.

Mark Rowe / London


We are historically investors.  We normally expected to have many problems and a lot of trouble to purchase investment properties.  Currently, we have hired Marbella Real Estate to assist our business in acquiring properties.  Since I have met Mr and Ms. Wolf our life has changed.  We have improved our business and created consistently positive investments in multiple properties internationally and locally to Marbella. Thank you. Many real estate owners seem to only be working for the commission but Mr. Wolf cares about his people.  He assisted us in locating and finding 5 investment properties.  2 villas and 3 commercial properties.  We closed on the buildings within 1 month!  We are deeply thankful for the help and assistance of Marbella real estate.

Croupier Salary group – United Kingdom


We would suggest that all people looking to buy property in Andalucía purchase directly from Marbella Real Estate. Some friends suggested that we work with Mr. Wolf as our agent to locate our passion home in Marbella Spain.  We decided to accept their offer and we signed an exclusive agreement with Marbella Real Estate.  After we had entered into our second week of searching we suddenly came upon a villa to die for!!  It was located on a mountain and very close to the sea!

It was a dream property and Marbella Real Estate and Mr. Wolf Secured it for 30% less than the other properties in the general area!  Effectively making me 100k on our first purchase!  Now, this was not an investment purchase but rather was set up for my family to reside.

Now, we will be working directly with Marbella Real Estate on investments and spend the time to develop a solid investment plan and to purchase long standing properties of all types, and structures.  We are going to purchase villas, commercial properties and much more.  Thanks to Mr. Wolf great character we were able to secure our Villa and now we are going to secure our new business with Marbella Real Estate.

Mr. Dao weng Chu   / Hong Kong


Hello! We would like to congratulate the team of Marbella Real Estate for your excellence in attending us and making such an important moment, like buying our home, an easy and fun time.

Warm regards!  Alice and Charles


What a great experience was buying our home through Marbella Real Estate. We would like to thank specially Dennis for all the attention and the great help in finding the perfect place for us.

Vincent and Leslie


Thank you so much Lorena for the time and attention that you spent in our project to rent a nice apartment to our family in Marbella. We are very happy!

Regards, Brian, Lisa and the kids


Hallo mein Name ist Martin Vasley und ich suche schon lange Immobilien Marbella. Ich muss mich bedanken bei dem gutem Service und dem zuvorkommenden Verkaufsteam. Ich habe endliche die passende Immobilie in Marbella gefunden. Sorry for my Deutsch i am from France and practise my German.

Kind regards Martin


Marbella Real Estate, thanks for the comments. We are pleased to help you and hope that you are satisfied. Please send us your comments, good or bad. Only from your opinions we will professionals.

Your Real Marbella team.