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38 Hydro Power Plants – 200MW – Philippines

A. The Philippines is an economically emerging country with rich reserves of renewable energy potentials. Nevertheless, the current installed power plants (coal, gas, oil, diesel generators, hydro at mega dams, geothermal energy) can not cover the permanent increasing demand for energy.
B. Hydropower is one of the oldest energy resources of mankind, kinetic energy released by falling water. Hydropower plants are a renewable, free, potentially inexhaustible source of energy, have a long lifetime (50 years + +) and a high efficiency of 80% – 85% compared with 55% for gas, 40% for coal, 30% for wind – and around 20% for solar power plants.
C. Based on our 30 years of experience in hydropower and on the basis of a 3 year analysis and detailed study of various, the most appropriate locations for the construction of several hydroelectric power plants (installed capacity of 100kW – 20MW) in the Philippines, a successful investment into a renewable, environmentally friendly energy production can be expected.
D. Furthermore Hydrotec Renewables Inc. has the largest data collection ref. historical runoff, weather and rainfall data, soil analyzes, water quality, fauna and flora.
E. The construction period of a plant is 6 to 12 months, any turbines, generators, control- and switchgears, will be produced and installed exclusively by German manufacturers. Any construction works and materials will be controlled and monitored by German engineers.
F. The investment costs amount to approximately € 2.5 million p/MW, payback period is at 4 to 6 years, IRR 13% – 21% (depending on location).
G. Even small investments from upwards 250.000 € are possible, the processing will be handled by an international lawyer/notary trust account.
H. All calculations were done on a very conservative basis, production time of 5.000 hours (1 year counts 8.760 hours). For CO2 emission certificates and proceeds will be applied, the potential revenues are not included in the financial calculations.
I. Hydrotec has received from the local Department of Energy, DOE, approval/certification for design, construction and operation of hydropower plants, we applied and secured 38 sites with a total capacity of 200 MW. For 9 sites we have already received building permits of the local authorities.
J. At 3 of these sites (13MW) construction started already in April 2012 by Hydrotec Renewables Inc. itself. Investors have the opportunity to participate at these Hydro plants until 31.July 2012.
K. The Philippine feed-in law for renewable energies is substantially aligned to the corresponding European and German law, as the European Commission, the German Embassy and the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, supported the Philippine government in the formulation and the enactment of the “RE Law”.
L. Renewable energy must be purchased from any local network operator or must be passed through any existing transmission lines to any other potential, private customer.
M. First Contract from the Government of Negros Occ., Philippines between Governor Alfredo Maranon and Hydrotec in May 2012, additional sites (approximately 80MW) are already being planned.
N. The investor is protected against the total loss of the invested capital by insurance up to 60% guaranteed by the Investors Association!